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Polyurethane Anti-Static Rubber Roller
  • Polyurethane Anti-Static Rubber RollerPolyurethane Anti-Static Rubber Roller
  • Polyurethane Anti-Static Rubber RollerPolyurethane Anti-Static Rubber Roller
  • Polyurethane Anti-Static Rubber RollerPolyurethane Anti-Static Rubber Roller

Polyurethane Anti-Static Rubber Roller

Haichang is China manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces polyurethane anti-static rubber rollers with many years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you. Our range includes conductive rollers and anti-static rubber rollers designed to maintain stability and durability of resistance, ranging from 10³ to 10⁹Ω.

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Product Description

Find a huge selection of polyurethane anti-static rubber rollers from China at Haichang. Our offerings encompass polyurethane anti-static rubber rollers, including conductive rubber rollers, anti-static rubber rollers, transfer rollers, and charging rollers. These rollers feature stable and uniform resistance along the circumference, achieved through unique material composite technology and advanced roller grinding techniques, ensuring material stability, high dimensional accuracy, and consistent resistance. Additionally, our range extends to include conductive foam rollers and anti-static foam rollers, providing comprehensive solutions. The resistances of our conductive rollers and anti-static rubber rollers span from 10³ to 10⁹Ω, emphasizing our commitment to ensuring the stability and durability of rubber roller resistance.

Introduction of polyurethane anti-static rubber rollers:

1. Polyurethane anti-static rubber rollers parts have better abrasion and tear resistance , while offering better buffering.

2. Compared to plastic, Polyurethane bumpers offer superior impact resistance, while offering excellent wear properties and elastic memory.

3. Polyurethane bumpers is available in a broad Shore hardness range, depending of surface, load capacity and preferred rolling conditions the Shore hardness be chosen to fit the application.

4. Polyurethane buffers have replaced metal and plastic, with benefits such as weight reduction, noise abatement and wear improvements being realized.

Choosing for polyurethane anti-static rubber rollers can reduce maintenance and OEM product cost. It provides a cut down in maintenance time and failure costs while you gain the advantages of optimal rolling resistance

Polyurethane anti-static rubber rollers are widely used in: printing, film, photoelectricity, woodworking, lithium battery, textile, machinery, paper, plastic and other industries, we can customize different designs and sizes of rollers for you.

Raw materials: Base roller

We are using #45 steel , #201stainless steel #304stainless steel and 5# aluminum seamless pipe as the base roller.And we are adopting a reasonable thickness base roller according to customer’s drawing.Some manufacturers will reduce the thickness of the steel pipe in order to get the price advantage.Such roller can’t meet the standards.But we won’t do that.

Testing by making small sample before mass production

We will make a small sample before the official production, after vulcanization, 24 hours later we will check the hardness, color, and Impurity situation. We will control the hardness tolerance within 3degree. If it is not qualified we will change the formulated immediately and to make the sample again till all the data reach the customer’s request.

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